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Lesson 6: Peng 掤 – part 1

We’ll just start with a very simple idea. So, just raise the right hand with the palm toward you fingertips about eye level.

That’s all. Then let it drop. At the same time you raise the right hand, the left hand extends a little bit palm down. So, the left hand is out here as if you’re petting a dog, or putting your hand on the side of a chair or a table or something. So, the hand just goes out palm down as the right hand comes up with the fingertips at eye level, palm toward you. You notice that the hand is not directly in front of my face it’s a little bit to the side. The shoulder is comfortable. Then drop the hands again. Let’s do that again. Now, what I would like you to do is just practise this. It seems like a very simple movement. It should be, shouldn’t it? But I want you to practice it. Give yourself five or ten minutes to just do this simple movement… simple-seeming movement.

Your focus is to relax as much as possible, as many ways as possible, to clear your mind. Most people practice something until they get bored, and then they go on to something else. But I would suggest, if you’re practicing or learning any art, is that when you practise the simple exercises. practise until it gets interesting.

Because there is a lot to this movement, and it becomes very important later on that you understand it.

If you really do get so bored that you just can’t stand it anymore, then mix it up a little by switching hands. You can raise the left hand palm towards you fingertips at eye level while the right hand sits, and the fingers extend forward a little, and then drop the arms and again repeat that side for five or ten minutes.

You want to practise until you get bored, and then keep practising until you are not bored anymore.

A teacher will not correct you if you don’t practise, because without practice, every time you do the movement, you will be doing it differently and making different mistakes. With practice, if you practice regularly, eventually you will be making the same mistakes over and over again. With that consistency, the teacher can make corrections. Eventually, you will learn to make the corrections yourself.

Continue practicing and, if you like, you can alternate one side and then the other.

Do that yourself for five or ten minutes and then go on to the next video.