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Shuxin Pingxue Gong (for heart disease and hypertension)

I highly recommend that you purchase the Balancing the Heart Qigong DVD available at Masich Internal Arts

I also highly recommend “Qigong Empowerment”, the best book on qigong that I have ever found:
Qigong Empowerment: A Guide to Medical, Taoist, Buddhist and Wushu Energy Cultivation

Please consult your physician before beginning any exercise program.
This course does not make any medical claims. I am personally suspicious of most studies claiming to prove the medical effectiveness of exercises like this. I would love to see trustworthy, scientific, reproducible, double blind studies done without political influence. Unfortunately, such studies are few and far between.
There is some very intriguing anecdotal evidence, and some theoretical basis for the effectiveness of this set of exercises.

This set of exercises was developed to be accessible, progressive, and modifiable for different clients. Its theory is based on both modern medicine and traditional medicine.

Its purpose is to normalize vasovagal function, improve blood pressure, balance the heart, and reduce unhealthy clotting of the blood.

“Stand up and listen to the rooster crow.”
• Feel the stretch through the fingers and arms.
• Keep the shoulders low.
• Natural breathing.
• Standard instruction is for the movement to follow the breath. But don’t hold the breath or strain to prolong it. The priority is relaxation and easy breathing. Each person is different .

“White Gibbon offers Fruit.” The “white ape” has long flexible arms.
This movement stretches the arms and opens the chest, while challenging the balance and focusing the mind.

“Golden Elephant Curls its Trunk”
Opens and closes the chest and back, twists and stretches the arms, exercises the thighs…

“Yellow Oriole Folds its Wings.”
Stretches and twists the arms and shoulders. Strengthens the leg, opens the joints, relaxes the hands.

“Massage the face and Ears.”
An acupressure massage.
“Striking the arms and legs”
Invigorating the channels in the arms and legs, striking acupuncture points on the legs from the back of the knee to the ankle, striking points on the arms from the shoulder to above the elbow.
“Willow Tree with Twisted Roots.”
A physically challenging exercise which exercises the whole body while mentally alternating between singular focus and broad awareness.
“Steps Ascending”
Massaging the back and front while extending the spine.