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12 – Step up and Raise Hands, + Pull down.

“Pluck” or Cai 採 is represented here the movement called “Step up and raise hands” as well as the movement called “Pull Down”

Cai 採 means to pluck or to gather. It is associate with trigram for Wind, and you might think of the idea of wind picking fallen leaves off of the ground. This sort of movement can make your opponent float out of their root while you become more stable and grounded.

A tip for new students, when the front foot is placed on the heel, keep both knees slightly bent. Never lock (hyperextend) the knee. If someone kicks your knee, then having it bent a little will make all the difference in the world.

Step up and Raise Hands, with the right hand in front.

Step up and Raise Hands, with the left hand in front.